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Where is the tracking on my order?

Once we despatch an order, you'll see a section who we ship it to this will be linked with tracking click through to see where it is.

My order hasn't been despatched yet, why?

Check our shipping page, this is due to varying processing times. This is updated regularly.

As always if you have any concerns about your order simply email us and we'll get back to you: hello@dreamanddrive.com.au

Custom Work

Do you still accept any custom orders?

We do by request! Custom orders are great if you are looking for something made just for you, standard sizes don't always fit everyone especially when it comes to lingerie it's one of the reasons why we get custom orders. Get in touch today we'd love to hear from you to make your lingerie dreams come true! hello@dreamanddrive.com.au


My discount code didn't work, can you help?

Get in touch via email or chat, make sure the code you're using is correct and hasn't expired the any sale dates.

I heard you have discounts for Sex Workers, tell me more!

We certainly do! If you're a sex worker you can get 30% off your entire order, which never expires. Use code SWorker30 at checkout.