this one is for all lingerie lovers

Did you know the number 1 factor that disheartens you from buying lingerie?
Confusing sizing charts

We get it. It is confusing. We did a survey 2 years back and overwhelmingly you said it yourself - that's why you leave it on the shelf (or here online - left in that cart).

So what if we said, it doesn't have to be that way?

No need to get knickers in a twist.
We've sorted it, collated and calculated a sizing system as inclusive as possible.

  • XS and 4XL added in the mix
  • Bralette sizing now translated into bra sizing
  • International sizing included

because we do fit

Our upcoming collection: I do fit

Is exactly what it says, we do fit - lingerie fits closely to us like a second skin.

We’ve extended our sizing from S to 3XL to XS to 4XL - more options for both petites and plus sizes leaving no one behind!

Inspired by wild flowers, from contours and shapes but most importantly inspired by our muse which is you. Celebrating the diversity of the feminine form in all its variants.

  • Inclusive sizing from petite to plus size, everything in between and beyond - custom sizes are still here to stay too!
  • Bralette sizing now easier than ever no more will you rely on measurements to know your size - align yourself with your bra size on the chart
  • Oh and we figured we'd release a new collection to show it off

questions you'll ask (and rightfully so)

XS to 4XL (6 to 26 in Australian sizing - all International sizes are translated in our new sizing charts)
Bralette sizing now easier more than ever, translating your usual bra size to bralette size (no need to feel confused looking at a sizing chart ever again!).
Made to fit 8A to 22E (and yes custom orders will still be offered slide into our contact form)

We've extended sizing... both ways! From petites (XS) to plus sizes (4XL), simply put you've asked and more sizes are here to stay.

If you have questions about sizing tap that online chat or tap 'ask a question' in our product pages. We're happy to find your perfect fit and add that new perfect lingerie piece to your collection.

Currently we don't have in person fittings (yet!)

You deserve to feel sexy,
celebrated, and undeniably
worthy in your own skin. No size
limitations, no apologies needed.

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